Platform Features

Plan Comparison

See a feature-by-feature comparison of our different pricing plans below

Feature FREE Plan PRO Plan
Community Features
Widgets & Integrations
Public Chatrooms
Public chatrooms are open for any member to join.
Unlimited users Unlimited users
Private Chatrooms
Private chatrooms are locked and access is managed by a community admin.
Unlimited users Unlimited users
Charge for Chatrooms
Pay-to-access content are connected with your own Stripe Account, meaning members will have to pay you in order to get access.
Charge for Widgets
Charge for Webinars
Member Subscription fees
Fees are after credit card processing and only applied if you utilize pay-to-access chatrooms
5% 0%
Custom User Roles
Admins, mods, instructors, vip users, create as many custom roles as you wish
Unlimited roles Unlimited roles
Custom Disclaimers
Workspace Features
Search History No time restriction No time restriction
Multi Chatroom View
Multi Team View
Markdown Syntax on Messages
Password Protected / Secret Messages
Direct & Group Messages
Bookmark Messages
Team Pinboard
Chatroom Topics
Inline videos
Replies / Threads
Storage 10GB 1TB
Community Discovery
Option in PRO plan to disable this
GDPR compliant
Desktop & Mobile Applications
Premium Features
Branded Pages
Your logo, wallpaper on Login/Registration pages, Checkout URLs and Chat Workspace
Invitations Yes but without access or expiration rules Yes with access rules and expiration rules
Pro Community Badge
Disable DMs
Option to Disable Direct Messages between team users
Disable Community Discovery
Whitelist email domain registration
Support Standard High Priority